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Who we are?    |    What we offer?     |  
  How we help?     |    Why Choose us?     |    How it works?    |    Endorsements    |

Do You Have A Site That You Would Like To Get Planning Permission On?

Have You Been Refused Planning?

Do You Need A Partner To Help Capitalise On Your Land Value?

Who we are?

We are an on-line town planning consultancy working within the field of the planning and site developments.

Operating throughout the UK on significant, contentious and sensitive planning matters we are able to apply best practice and concepts from other spheres of activity to meet the clients requirements.

The practice is staffed by chartered town planners with a proven track record of providing effective and cogent advice on and successfully addressing by way of written and oral argument the key issues upon which an appeal will be allowed in favour of the client.

Our staff has all previously worked within local authorities thereby giving planning-appeal.com valuable experience on how Council's reach decisions and how planning officers approach planning appeals.

This knowledge is merged with our extensive experience in undertaking planning appeals for private and commercial clients as well as acting for Council's as their expert appeal advisors.

This considerable knowledge and proven capability places us in an advantageous position to be able to prosecute the best appeal case and to take a view on the appeal and make an assessment on whether to pursue the appeal on the basis of No Win No Fee.

What We Offer

Outline Planning Permission

We complete the outline planning drawings and application, managing the complete process

Full Planning

We offer full planning service on a no win, no fee basis

Planning Appeals

We have considerable experience of dealing with and winning planning appeals and therefore we are in an excellent position to be able to assess your likely chances of success.

“No Win, No Fee, 100% success rate”

How we help?


We offer full planning service on a no win no fee basis


We complete the outline and detailed planning drawings


We produce realistic renders, photomontages and animations

Development Appraisal

We produce appraisals on your land to help find a buyer


We appreciate the process may be daunting, but we hold your hand the whole way

Future Sale

We assist with the marketing of your site for future sale to a developer

Why choose us?

  • Because unless the planning permission is successful we don't get paid. We work on the basis of no-win no fee. If we don't win then you don't pay us anything. Therefore we are only looking to take on cases with a genuine chance of success. We are not interested in taking your case just for the sake of it.
  • ​Because we do everything on-line. This enables us to keep our costs low, which is good for you as our lower costs mean lower fees.
  • ​Our planning team has a considerable wealth of experience of running and winning planning appeals. Therefore we are in an excellent position to be able to assess your case and whether you have a good chance of success.
  • ​The appeal process provides an opportunity to present the proposed development in a professional and considered manner. Such an approach could mean the difference between success or failure and the Appeal Assessment allows us to advise you on the appropriate pathway to gain planning permission.
  • We will carry out an on obligation no cost initial appeal assessment of your case within 2 working days of receiving your request and will respond by e-mail with a decision as to whether or not we will be able to take your case on and a win fee proposal for undertaking the appeal.

How it works?

Fill in our form giving as much detail as possible

We will review all the details

Within 2 working days, we will give you an appraisal of your application and site



Scott Hughes 

"The Guys at NWNF Planning did an amazing job, just as I was about to give up on getting planning!


Carolyn McNulty

"Wow, unbelievable, I always thought the extra land at my house was worth something!"


Pete Wilson

So easy, they walked me through every stage and did everything for me including getting a buyer"
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